Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Morning, Day Is Falling...

Even Sunday has turned out to be a 'BORING' day. No more fun has it was before thus I have 7 freaking boring days to count now. No life kind of environment.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Coming Soon..

I seriously, extremely need a hair cut.

But, I 'm kind of lost.

Not because I am fulled-filled with choice but spoil with decisions to make.

One, things for sure this piece of hair needs to be

I have a few options in mind. This time I got to make it a huge difference in me. Come on, at least at the age of 23 now after a new hair make over I would still have my assets grown by then.

Come to think of it my last hair cut was bout 8 years ago. 8 YEARS!!. I guess, most of them have seen my features on and off almost the same, bored and sulky face like duhh!!!!!!!!

So, I did some research and found a few cuts that got my attention.

1. My favorite..

2. All fire-up

3. Too short?

4. Hair like Elisha Cuthbert?

5. Victoria has a nice cut too, minus the googles

6. Be some cutie pie..

7. Simple and Edgy

8. This short?

Or should I just stick to my previous cut..
Hold, ON!!
this caught my attention..
AFRO, maybe?


But then again, I knew I wanted this ... but I did not get ANY approval which says a lot...

Amani was daring enough

I honestly, wanted and still making the big change in life. It's not like I've got not guts but rather I wonder will society be able to accept me or probably I'll be some sick tumor outpatient list. One thing's for sure, I need a change that is PRESENTABLE...not fashion, nor trendy.

Extremely short military and standard buzz haircut
So, how? What say you?


At the moment, let's just say....

the best has yet to come...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Good Day Aheads

I've got so much to share and so much to spit about what got me star struck over the weekend but my dysfunctional system kind of screw things up and ain't operating so, I'll sum things more a bit/less. Well, pardon me if I got to prolong this, I might be having short term memory soon. Anyways, Harry Potty's book it's out. J.K. Rowling is making tonnes and tonnes of moo-la.

I have to admit my SIL (sis-in-law) got that and I am going to 'try' see I am using the term 'try' picking a habit to read this wizardly book. Ohh, mind you, I didn't even catch or glimpse through the trailer even for the recent one. I didn't gave tuition today so I had a good rest.

Got up early this morning when for breakfast in Sg. Tiram. Damn, this shop got the nicest toast bread I've ever taste. Trust my taste bud when I said 'It's good', it means REAL good. No joke. As you can see, this is clearly one shop that has the vintage classical look on the outside yet clean and hygienically in my term the ambiance ‘dirt-free’ as one proceeds in.

You might think that for a size of such shop, there must be lots of choices but the twist is that this particular shop only serves toast bread, half boiled egg, and packet nasi lemak/economic bihun/mee. So, it doesn’t sound like they could earn a profit from these items ah. Nope, silly you. There’s always strong and overwhelming crowd almost every single day. Business starts at wee 6morning while close as early as 10morning. Can or can not believe eh. Well, this is highly recommended for a place not to be missed definitely worth a visit for the second time.

Toast bread was the main attraction. It’s all cut in cube pieces

Half boiled eggs

So does the teh-tarik taste satisfying

My level of mettle has gone down, that's normal after a good filled over tummy..

Thursday, July 19, 2007


was good. Tired, sad lonesome as things are getting back to routine as where it once was. Here I stood, feeling like shit but keep thinking that time will pass by in snap of fingers so, I got to be patient and keep my self occupied with all ends. Just like last week I was waiting for Andrew's arrival. He come, saw, conquers left his shit and return back to his island. Anyways, I got lots of chocolates and candies from him.

Thank you so much. And, to make it sound more meaningful and sweeter, all of these, yes you got me right, will end up in my tummy by me. Nope, I ain't sharing it with anyone else but I will keep some for you, baby! Happy? Till I see you on your big day! Never mind, I know the consequences of pounds I bound to gain in time being but what the heck!!!

Did, I mention this chocolate is from Japan

It's all mine, mine, mine.

Will update again soon, got to let me loose a bit, I am tired and I seriously need rest and heal my sickness and regain strength back to work. It's a norm, ain't a fashion. Dope!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Good One..

It started the evening yesterday with me leaving the office as early as 7pm. I call that a bonus as this never ever happens. Earlier on, I had a short message service from Reuben/Rueben (either way la) but i think his would be Rueben asking me to join him and Chew Seong over for dinner. It's been quite sometime since i last catch up with this two bunch. Well, basically this two would be my companion in crime during uni-days. The one that would not make me loose my mind is that whenever either one of us are skips class, we would sms each other just to inform and the others would not turn up. It's bad but well, they are just too great close friends that would make you laugh. So, we met up for dinner and had lots of catch up. Updating on each others current life/work/gossips/etc...and we laugh them hell a lot. It's been relaxing for me. I told Seong that we are definitely going over to Tambun for his treat. Yup! He owe us big time. Looking forward, guys! And thanks a lot for tolerating my nonsense tho I can be hard and difficult at times. They call me 'Crucial and Critical'.

P/s: I am away for a get-away. Be back soon! NitezZzzz..

donuts....ozZing good!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Pregnant. Oh...Gowd

Not me la.......It's this bitch

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks!!

I think this should be nice. Waiting for the release. Animated favorites Alvin, Simon, and Theodore offer a trio of movie parodies in THE CHIPMUNKS GO TO THE MOVIES: in BATMUNK, the threesome go batty as the bravest, most mischievous little crime fighters in Gotham; in STAR WRECK, they boldly go where no chipmunk has gone before as crew members of the spaceship U.S.S. Booby Prize; and in FUNNY, WE SHRUNK THE ADULTS, the boys create mayhem--and laughter--when they shrink the adults to miniature size.

Efficacious yet Effectual

I have this crave to cook 'chicken ponteh' some cuisine from down south. Originated from land of Malacca. The Baba's and the Nyonya's famous dish. Being the greedy me, who always like to try new dish well, even if I'd fail I still make it up. And so, World War 3 begun as early as 8 in the morning and the final outcome was a SUCCESS and SUCCEED. Mine..ohh, mine tell me how to shed those weight if this continues for the next following months. *sigh*

This was my HIGHLIGHT

Ayam Ponteh

I believe someone would be knocking his head so badly now, if he sees this because, I know he is


so desperately hungry. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lunch was awesome and fulfilling. My satisfaction guarantee. Did I mention frying fish was a difficult task because it's so damn oily.

And my Ponteh looks like this.

So this is how I end the day with, lunch which was good enough to make me shit! Praise the Lord.

So, you want some? Come get some!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Once In a Lifetime

Behold, thy perut!

I remembered the first time i had my belly pierce with Wai Ling when we're in KL exactly 2 years back during the Royals Debate in UKM. As usual, trying hard to be naive but the not so naive me took a different turn and we challenge ourselves to do such hunch. Eventually, i didn't had this in mind but Wai Ling shared with me how badly she wanted to get either a tattoo or her belly pierce. Well, she did managed to pulled me in as she said 'Let's do together la...' the so called 'Accompany' her did work out.

It was fun how me when out all the way from Bangi to the other side of Sg. Wang just to check out store which do such piercing services. One things for sure both of us we're determine to get our belly pierce by hook or by crude or at least before we depart back to Penang. And finally we settled for one store name Red Dragon. It sounded like some AhBeng/Ah Lian kind of store. But the so called professional guy was nice and explain very detail to us about the procedure and all. So, finally Wai Ling and I made our definite choice to go for it.

I knew I was coward. Like I have no guts but don't know why I volunteered to be the first victim to be needled by him. I tell you the experience was like adrenal pump out rushing. The guy was adroit. The way and the process was enough to mesmerize me that i have forgotten the pain. Well, it didn't feel hurt at all until, you finally see it with your eyes ball part of my flesh actually when through pricking, piercing the iron rod. Damn. But the moral of the story is that I paid RM 120 for getting this fancy 'In' stuff that the piercing has sealed back. Yes, I let it out during the last few months. Wait, but now having a mastermind to get it back where it once stood!

Wai Ling, Ronny and Me

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Missed BY An Inch. Love By An Hour!

Pa and Ma

I miss them. I am not home sick for now. Yes, i said for now. I can't predict nor tell you the future aftermath that will take place in me but at this moment i feel annoyed by my brother for showing me this picture. Mine..mine, old folks are really having a great time yea,

Mak Nenek

My dearest, Charlotte. She's such adorable mice. All grown up and conversing in slang. P-HEELEASEEEE!! All the 'S-es and 'O-wnn. It's been more than 2years since we last meet eyes.

My Mangkuk

I know I can be nuisance and a pest at times but pardon me, rules ain't work in me cause as stubborn as I am I want to live my life to the fullest and live it up. Nehh...he still loves me ALTHOUGH i can be loud, barbarian and idiotic girlfriend at times. Bless me, ermm..m I mean you! That is when the 'ying' and 'yang' comes along.


Monday, July 2, 2007

Finally, I Get Hold Of You, WanTanMee!!!


super duperly, HAPPY!!!

WanTanMee was good. WanTanMee was awesome. I did it. Yes, I did. Foursome WanTanMee in 2 days. I pledge it was damn good. It truly was. No joke, man! Best part of it, I never…never ever get sick of it. I am genuinely a true WanTanMee survivor. Holy…glory, you should see the look when I had the taste of it. Anyway, my leave was well paid off with the short but yet enjoyable time spend I had although I didn’t manage to meet up with some friends which I planned earlier. Well, there would be a next trip but not too soon. I doubt. It’s pretty busy and hectic here; I do miss all of you, okay! I am glad my trip was good top with surprises too. Haahaa….I got you this time, Andrew. I did!!! The blur look on your face. Heeehehee…..Kudos!!


Damn, when I am going to get another one?