Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spaghetti For An-De-Lu!

Enough said, I wanted to cooked for a very long time. Since I still had the balance ingredient dinner he made me last Thurs, I decided it's time Fina makes full use of her skills to turn into a non effortless handmade dinner for him. 'Prawn Spaghetti'. The only seafood that he takes, Prawn. And so I made a decent dinner for him today. As much as I tasted, it I felt it's alright for me. Well, if you want to know more, free to ask the Man himself!

The ingredients:

onions chopped fine,

mushroom pork balls,

angel line spaghetti,

fresh prawns,


Big chunky prawns

not enough, let me show you the 'Prawn' up close..hahaa

I used margarine instead of cooking oil ( super conscious ) , lots of effort, and finally a hungry stomach to fill it in. And so, this was the final result.

This is mine,

That is yours :)

you've got so many prawns..

What's your verdict Dear? I hope you enjoy..

'Fina's Special Prawn Spaghetti'

Okies, chef is tired now. Yahoo!! Liverpool won again ;) Goodnitez..

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spaghetti Feasta!

Sometimes, you know you got to give the man some credit. And so, I will give my Man the credit! He's amazing! Haha. He made me a lavish dinner lash night out of my surprised. So nice I mean very nice! I am surprised and touch of course. How nice everyday got free meals.....
I must be dreaming in my own world. Haaha. So ...

Dearest Andrew,

Thank you for the wonderful Spaghetti. I like and enjoyed it much! I really do.

Wantanmee -.-

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday with Andrew

It's Sunday. And so, how do I spend this precious off day? With Dearest Andrew! Nice and sweet. Not always we can see each other and spend quality time as work is the barrier between us. Got up pretty early this morning. We attended mass and heed down to Joo Chiat Road for lunch. Initially, it was supposed to be some adventure searching for Hajah Maimunah's Nasi Padang. After much talk and anticipation I decided it's time we should try something different hence we should go with it. But disappointed as it is the restaurant was close since Raya. In the end we end up at Wheelock Place, Orchard. It's been twice in a row since I was at Orchard as well yesterday. We settle for something which apparently I think it's health; Cedele.

Very well said, '
Eat well, be well'. Andrew had chicken mayo sandwich while I had cloud 9.

Mango Sorbet

I swear, this is the best sorbet I've ever ever tried! Really ;] I didn't really enjoy my drink because it taste shit! I has Green Tea Mocha while he had Chocolate Addiction.

My shit drink, Green Tea Mocha!

After that we stroll around suggesting and thinking what we're going to get our parents for Christmas so need some look see, look see survey. We settle for a movie. It was a tough one choosing between MBFG and House Bunny.


The movie was just so-so. Didn't really make a big impact either. It was like those normal kind of girl/boy relationship. We end the day with dinner at Express Teppan-Yaki over at Food Republic. It was pretty interesting the way they prepare the food.

Some vege..

Bean sprouts...

Main course

Thank you, Dear!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's been 10months, 10days

Two more months and it's end of year 2008. Vividly I still remember during Uni days, how I wish I would live the life I have always wanted to be. My aim, complete my decent education and earn a living on my own. This ego of mine, wanted so much to live and earn my very first pay cheque. My most substantial reason; re-pay my parents contribution and upbringing me all these while. The very fact I knew that the relationship that I had with my parents are so strong and deep inside, it's my Dad that he can't let go of me till this very day. Sometimes, there's many memories and many wonders that come across of me. During Uni there's always friends, and now in the corporate whole, most of my time are taken by my nature of work. I got to be honest, I LOVE my job. But at the same time, it's also the market that would determine my 'rice bowl'. At this point, economic is not really in a good tumour. Been alert that recession is hitting and definitely we can see the impact by now. Within 10 months; in my corporate world, the naive once I was an adult I can bravely proclaim. I have confidence when I speak. And I can make my own judgement and decisions using the knowledge, experience and mistake I've learn. Just when I heard acquaintance and friends complaining how incompatible their work and nature has been well, deep inside I can smile and say 'Hey, Fina thank the Lord you have a good day and you brace it through!'. For the past months, I knew I had been working hard and I meant my effort not wasted. 2008 has been the highlight of my Career, Family, Love and Life. You know, up to this day, there's still one thing that I never fail to miss. My Dad. And deep inside I knew that he misses me much even though he knows that I am safe in Andrew's arms. Cause I am Dad's big baby ;] It wasn't easy when I first told him that I wanted to earn my first decent pay cheque in Singapore. The fact I knew he would be worried on my accommodations/travel/ society and environment. I have to say that I owe my partner, Andrew a big time for going through trials and tribulations in those very depress and hard times. It's also the Bonus 'Q' when the time comes, and so if Andrew has made up his mind to Calgary, Canada am I ready to follow. I have no doubts. But I am not certain. As much as I want us to build a future it's also something I need to know where do I see myself in 5 years from now. Will I be coaching or manage something I want to do in life. One things for sure, I am happy with what God has bless me with. His presence by my side!