Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's a long sickening week as days goes by. My BF is sick and now I am joining the team too! WTF! I'm leaving to 'Char Kuih Tiaw' Island, so penangites here I COME! It's only a short trip but I figure this would made my trip a nice one. And not forgetting BF's coming along. * smiles*

Now how often you get to spend and enjoy the quality time with your love ones. Yea, I can't wait to see my nephew and niece. And food, food, food and more food. Work has been good so far. guess it's the demand or the market is good these days but I realised down the road recession is hitting the world very soon. Yup, here in Singapore feeling it. Now it's still not that bad but down the road, it's unexpected so got to make full use of each single dollar.

I'm still hopping and washing my eyes on that 'G' bag. And I had crave for small dogs but I can't keep it here and back in Mcca, my dad said our compound doesn't seem suitable. No place for Doggy to run-worrrr. How, sad is that. Now, BF..we got to get a house for Doggy to run! Ha..ha! ha! In Canada-LA!Got to go, training awaits tomorrow! I miss BF. He's miles away now-

Monday, April 7, 2008

Over the Weekend

fina's end result

I had a good rest over the weekend. How i spend the weekend was something very worth wise. There was good food involvement, self pampering session, makeup make over and leisure on movies. Andrew had a make over on his head.

Very vain punye, BF!

While Aj did his make over I had mine manicure done as well!The nail salon was called 'Nail Seduction' and indeed it has thus seduce my likeness towards their service and consultation. I tell you, being so particular and fussy, I have to admit it, ' I likely this manicure so much!'. Their service was good and price are ve
ry reasonable also.
Things like this doesn't occur much in life well at least I've got to pamper myself once in a blue moon what! So, it's occasional times like these :) you just got to let it all out and live the life you never thought you could! We had nice and decent lunch. As you can see, happy people meets 'POTATO'. We call it, 'BE-HU' direct translation, can not wait!


Be-Hu look!

If you're ever going to bump unto me. Be prepare that I am round, ugly and huge! Oh, it's okay, I love the way I live my life now. Love, Family, Friends, God and Education. What more can I ask for. I am fcuking blessed with all the qualities and quantity that God has blessed me with. I've never regret the day I turn back and left the dark which has bitten and hold me back for the past 5 years. I should have done it earlier. Because I know, I deserved better than that! Anyways, as much as this would be a sinfully entry with food factors evolved with, I can't resist but gladly share some of the pictures!

Dinner @ a Hong Kong Rest. which I can't recalled the name-laa

Baked cheese!

Ham Roll ;D

Udon Noodles

Wednesday, April 2, 2008



Yesterday was 1st of April which also coincides with April Fool's Day. To add on the twist, April Fool was also the day we celebrated our Anniversary! :D. I had an exquisite dinner with BF at Manhattan Fish after work. Food was good. The portion was appropriate and nice for the two of us. Finally after days of apart we get to spend time just the two of us.

Our seafood platter
See, the cheese melts..oozing, O.o

Happily pasal Makan Face!

Enjoying my meal :D

food is good~

I got a lamb! Really, I really do. My feelings? So escalated! Don't know how to express nor explain. Eh, a lamb wor where can get so easily unless from New Zealand or Aussie. Anyways I love my lamb so much. I mean this lamb la..

We got ourselves a pair of lamb
rings to commemorate this special occasion exchange our vows from Couple Lab. Thats pretty much sums it all after 366days! Dear, I love you!

Just like what you said,

meaningful yet true.