Tuesday, August 28, 2007

You want Money?

Over the weekend, I was in 1U. Well, attending the event launch 'Living with Ika, Serena C & Pietro Everywhere'. And did I tell you for RM 50,000. Don't you want some of it? So here it goes. This is what I have to do for 3weeks. I have to take the cut-outs of Ika, Serena C & Pietro everywhere I go. Yes, everywhere. To the Office/To Bed/Lrt/In the Car/ just Everywhere. Even when I shit that's in the toilet. My challenge is to take as many photos of myself and the cut-out in the most prominent places to win RM 50,000 gram. You don't want meh? Money, Man!!! This is because the more creative I am the more exposure I get, the more points I earn from publicity. As for you people out there especially if you're my friend come snap a picture with me and my cut-outs for you to earn RM100. As easy as that. No slogans needed.

Attention Spotters!

if you've spotted a recruit with their cut-o
ut anywhere in Malaysia, take a picture of them and send it here for your chance to win RM 100 cash prize!

I was lucky as Joyce help me to bring back the cut-outs to Malacca first. The only twist is that the cut-outs are not light neither are they small. So how the hell am I supposed to bring it back to P'ng. This is when technology says a lot. I will be very busy for this 3 weeks. Going to travel like mad. I do hope miracle happens. I need that money-LAH!! I might even be good enough to share my reward in the end.

Joy & Me

I will be flying and away. Update soon...

Here's what the cut-outs look like.

there you have it..

So, if you see me carrying the cut-outs come say 'Hi'. I won't bite. In return I'll reward you 100bucks. Don't tell me you don't want. EASY, rite?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bigger and Better.

Not breast feeding la...

Jackson, you are so going back to Malacca with me!

I'll have Jackson back to Malacca and Michael you can have it!

The grey one has blue colour eyes and the white one has pink colour. Isn't this unique?
Haiyo...so geram with Jackson....
The kittens are growing very extremely fast. It's only been weeks since the bitch gave birth. They are so adorable and so cute especially the grey one. I called it 'Jackson'. Ohh..and the snow calour is called 'Michael'. So when you put both of them together you have Michael Jackson.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I didn't know kids got to wear this as their school attire in Nz. Weird eh, but true. So, this is where when my niece, Charlotte dresses up her little code. What amuse me is that it looked like some kind of kilt, you know where the traditional garment of modern Scottish culture has. Fine.

I laugh my lungs out when she showed me.

I think she can swim in this attire

Do you know it's not even cheap to own these 'uniforms'. From what I've known in Nz, kids change their uniform according to the season. So, I figure Nz has four-some season like winter, autumn, summer and spring. Her 'uniform' cost about $350 Nz dollar!! And the best part using it only for 3months as it's winter in Nz now. Such a waste. With $350 many..many..many junks can be obtain! Right? Right?

My Gowd! At the age of 5, dressing up like this is just way too funny. Hilarious.

Wait a minute! I got annoyed and irritated. 'What happened to your hair, Charlotte?'. Was it, Grandma's idea? Was it? Because history strike me twice back as I've got this ancient hair cut many years ago at the tender age of 9. Why? Thanks to my Mum. She made me famous. I was the clown of the year in class. Friends can't stop making funny of me. It's like and art from the coconut shell. And it still does happens now, IF they remember. Damn! And the shoe. It's O-full.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Clairvoyance Ability To See The Future Therefore I Can Plan Accordingly

Dear 'You-Know-Who-You-Are',

This is so cute. Over limit to the fullest.
And every time I see it, it makes me laugh.
Over-joyed. And over-rated!



P/S: Not bad ahh. Little did I know I was going to have a dog, bike and car in mere F.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bitch and Bastard

Tiger's bitch gave birth at last. All 2 Persian kitties out finally. But the mystery lies here where how could it be..it's black, it's white? Funny, right? I felt that too. The kittens are really cute and adorable. Don't believe? See la...

black and white

I am not an avid fan of kittens anyways but kind of get carried away since the kittens were too way much not to pat..pat and wiggly twiggy. At the moment the father to this 2 kittens are band for seeing them because Tiger might just bite these two kitties. Probably the smell ain't the same huh?

sucking Mommy's breast!

Let me show you an up-close of Michael...


By the way, the names are temporary. Yes, I did ordain them for now. It won't be long here as someone has already placed orders to 'purchased' them.

Can not! Can not!. If keep some more I will go crazy. And I believe Andrew doesn't want to come visit me anymore. True? True?

Bastard! Congratulations..You're finally a Dad!

Prior to that...Tiger, I know what you have been up to for the last 2months. No wonder so noisy!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Finally, Rat--A-Pid

Finally, after all those rumblings and grumblings Penang has a Rapid of its own. Well, I thought that only KL would have it never had it come across my mind it would be here in Penang as well. Haa..haa, all like 'sakai' including me. So fascinated because it's super comfortable..and pretty convenience looking to its route. The bus superbly damn 'canggih' because want to stop also got sign that says 'bus stopping'. Well, let's see how long this could last for penangites!!