Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The future of Msia~

I was born and breed in Malaysia. I do love my country, Malaysia. When i think of our culture, i am proud. I am amaze how unique and different each of our individual culture has bring harmonious and excellent unity. But this is back then. Now, looking at the rulings and the whole scenario from day one to now. It just makes one to leave this country. Everything is going up solely. And this happens within a twist of faith. There must be a change in our country. Either our country is a democracy or not it really needs a proper revamp once and for all. It's ridiculous for the impose of RM2.70 per liter when it was only at RM 1.92 back then. How dare, these idiots can say we are still enjoying the subsidy at a cheaper rate of 0.30 cents compare to the retail price at RM3.00 per liter. Well, if this is the case, might as well save up the 0.30 cents that they are giving. A price hike of .78 cents per liter really makes much of a difference. Or I should say, literally it doesn't affect much on those who re not earning in Malaysia? Wrong you! Even though the increase doesn't affect me directly it does dig a big pole of hole to my pocket for the transportation cost i bare. I believe that mos of the transport has take immediate action on the increase of public transportation. A big jump at .78 cents is totally crazy. Malaysia is a country with resources when it comes to petroleum. No doubt it's a heavy burden as we need to export the oil out for refinery thus import it back but this is not the proper channel and way to eat the rakyats fund. What about those family with 4 and more kids above. Have the government put themselves in these peoples shoe considering the fact that they to need a proper budget when everything is increasing but salary is still being paid at the same. With the hike of petrol, food and consumer usage and there's more to come. Our government is just killing the rakyats. We pay taxes alright. It's just a pain in the ass looking at the current situation. No wries, crime rates will increase looking at how they are curbing the rakyats need. Most of the government minister are being subsides it doesn't make a pain for them. We are suffering. First there's corruption now..this is getting worst. Let's just see how the future holds. Well done, PAK LAH!!!