Saturday, February 23, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

It's Sunday. Just got back from mass and had my lunch. Been pretty hectic over the past weekends as I have been going back so frequent. Let's jut say 3/4weekends I've been going back therefore today's my 1st weekend spend here. What have I been up too? Honestly, nothing much or impressive to talk about rather, relax myself and clear up chores. Oh I love hygiene. It's a pretty clean country here. And yes I must say a very Porky country too! Pardon me, all these years of growing and living up, I've never experienced a Porky country until I landed here! I must say, I am a fanatic Pork! Penang itself is a very Chinese based state but the fact that in Merlion, getting pork in supermarket seem to be a very big deal for me because they don't need to hide Porky in a very deserted area ma! Yesterday, after QT I went to Orchard with my soh hai colleague, Li Jun. I wanted go Takashimaya to get some stuff. As we were walking I saw a poster that caught my attention. At this point I admit I am curious and 'su-ah-ku' but can't blame in Malaysia, such education were not educate or publishes publicly. Of course, I jump not for joy but amaze seeing such. I call this ART.

An art

From far, it's not attracting at all. So small can't see a thing. But as you draw nearer. Shit! I saw jewel!

For him

I wonder what are they publishing in the National Museum in regards of Balls and Testicles. Haahaa. Must be pretty interesting. They even have for ladies, too!

For her

But not so interesting compared to the Balls and Testicles. Didn't spent much time, feeling sleepy and I heed home. Prior before I heed home, I kept thinking bout handbags. Die la..Die many choices. But how to afford all. I surely have to eat grass, not bread even purchasing one of the item. It's not of a brand conscious but I got to tell you, for my own...



very nice?

got money? all nice! Haaahaa

Misi aku? Work super-duper hard to earn that G'. We watched 'Meet the Spartan' last night. Very funny, no doubt no meaning but it's a good humor on a Saturday night. That's how Saturday pass. Now, Sunday is coming to an end. So fast. Yea, I still crave for wantanmee as ever. Only Malacca punye. Other's all rejected! This week, I am getting hold of it. Haahaa. Just that's about it! Want to go kagak! Muaks!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

14th and 15th . Numbers and aging.

my Roses~

Over the weekend. Valentine's 14, I turn 24 on 15. I had a surprised from Andrew. To be honest, my very first memorable one. Mainly, not because of the gifts I've received but merely on the security I had towards him. My first outstation birthday made me felt so much easy. Many thanks to colleagues who throw in surprise for me. *SPEECHLESS* Don't know what to say!@# Andrew, if you're reading this, I LOVE YOU so much. Many thanks to God for keeping us strong through many trials and tribulation. I know, eventually we'll have many more exciting moments to come. Our 30 years old deal? Still on ehh?

Ps: Remember, we got Nz and Canada to conquer ;D and of course Many more years to come for us!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Holidays are over. I believe most of us have already gone back for work since Monday. Myself, very reluctantly getting up at 7am thinking, oh my what a routine again. Anyways, work as usually been over loaded. Job orders pouring like mountains high. Today, over at my working place, the company hired a troop of Lion Dance or better known as 'Lang Sai' over to perform. As usual, Chinese custom moreover they believe it's a good start to kick business and also for prosperous. The weird part, having the loud noisy Lang Sai's playing over at 55th floor. Physco! The troop of performers here are very different compare to to one I've seen in M'sia.

This Chinese new year also coincides with my zodiac year. Rat-ta-tou-i. No wonder I feel so lucky! YAY!!

Before Chinese New Year, I've encounter something new. Traditional Threading for Eyebrow. All thanks to Andrew! The process is so damn awful. Pain like hell but it's neatly done. I like it but then again I can't tolerate the pain. Not use to it.

Thursday will be Valentines Day. So no big deal right? Figure the florist, retail outlets, goldsmith are earning easy peachy business. They are even promoting The V's on train station. Is V's Day over populated here?

Wouldn't it sound so desperate just to get a date for V's Day? Too commercialize. So what if you don't have one? Don't come out for house is it? Because it's going to be lovely dovey everywhere? Or perhaps you might just vomit. Haha. I wonder. Never mind-la I'll tell you mine. Till then. Adios.