Monday, January 21, 2008


Just some random pictures to share with:-



beautiful green scenery from the mountain top

an overview

our friend lebih la..konon want to feed the ducks!

where's the eyes?


What a poser! It runs in the bloodline :P


notice the 'eyes'?

So nice the fur yet so different from our cows

These sheeps are real not gimmick

she's mad!

meet wan tan mee best friend,

she want to kena lepuk ade la..

the aftermath

lebih :P

Sky Tower



Monday, January 14, 2008

Over the Weekend


Over the weekend, I managed to get away from the city. At least for once. Perhaps, I wish I could have got the ultimate chance to be home where the 'Hail Glory, of Wantanmee comes' but nothing is always perfect. I couldn't leave as the tickets are selling like hot cakes as though no need money. So the only best way to easy my demanding crave was to the nearest home ground state where Chua Soi Lek hails from. I desperately want to go home. Even just to get the feel would inspire. It's been raining for the past few months. Jogging has been put on hold. It's damn bored la wei. I am so tired also. Okay la, want to sleep now. So tired. Sleep also not enough. Die la~


Lagi nice*

Terlalu nice* can NOT tahan!!

hunting Pork * guarantee nice!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Not Again!

As most of my friends would have know or perhaps notice, I had a big change say last 2months ago. I gave a different feel towards my top assets. Aha, my hair laaaa. I gave angled hair style a shot. Others might give it a bang but I would love to try something different. Well, at least a change wont do any harm rather than the same cutting all over again for the past 23 years. And so as the brand NY ushers in, I had a new me, new cut, things were so brand new. Even though at times, I miss my long horsey hair, I convinced myself a change would do me no harm nonetheless it's so not used seeing myself in short angled back in the mirror. Anyhow, I would love to have my hair grow a.s.a.p. There's a dirty little mischievous of me to create some innocent awkwardness in. I discover something about Birkenstock. These scandals are really damn baldy comfy. The pinch? It's pretty pricey tho. The good thing is that I had reviews the material are solid and flexible, durable, lightweight, shock resisting soling material. Isn't this sounds convincing enough to get one?

Raspberry Patent Birko-Flor Madrid

Pistachio Nubuck Ibiza

How to resist to 'NO'? Colorful yet attracting. Die la this time. I think this shoe, sandal, heel whatsoever just as long there's SHOE-thingy has bring me to far thus, get carried away! Damn! Wtf! Wtf! I miss wantanmee very much! HELP! HELP!

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Girl Named, Amie


I miss this un amigo mío (friend of mine). I don't know why she just came to my mind. Well, she does most of the time. Perhaps she's more than acquaintance to me. A sister, i bet that. She's someone who's been close to me in Uni for merely more than 3 years. We were even friends back in high school. With this, a friendship of amigo de toda la vida o de siempre (lifelong friend) took place. How I miss her! Remember those nights. We stayed together. From the top mounted hostel to our very own 'high class condominium'.

Our so called high class condo eh?

I enjoyed my stay with you. We are adventurous, we crap, we laugh till we get stomach cramps, till tears rolled down and cooking! Don't we just love to eat! Remember Kuih Tiaw Theng (KTT)? Remember Kuih Tiaw Basah from Sany? We were pork hunters, worst still our late night craves at mamak stalls? What about Spirit of Penang? The ultimate race that brought and bond us.

* Terri, Me, Andrea, Amie *

* Miemiesan & Me *

You see all these brought so much memories despite the fact our life has change now. Nights full of laughter. Nights when we walk back from late night classes. Nights when we talk till we slept off in the wee mornings? Your much more than just a friend. A companion. We even plan and we took few subjects together. The point? We kept each one another company. So much memories. Even as I write this might not be enough. There's just so many highlights we've gone through. What about our crime clubbing activities?

* Activity larut-malam *

Nights when the quote was '1 bulu 2 hearts' come to the picture where if you don't go I won't go too? We club like crazy. Even when exams are near we still 'em chai see' want to club. And so there were once we club till I slept in toilet. We are vain that we like to 'phang leng leng'.

Mass Comm. Nite 07

Spanish Film Festival 06

Though there were times, it's a norm as human we face ups and downs. But being the so you, Amie you never failed to cheer your friends up. Not only me but those around you. I am glad I've come to know you. I've never regard. Glad that this friendship of us blooms and it's still growing. Even though most of us are on our very own path. Some paths that may lead to marriage, work, family, geographic barrier indeed between us we still make an effort to keep in touch as always. Thank you for the courage and support you've given me. Good bless you always Amie. Happy to hear from you the other day all the way from the other bridge. I pray you find happiness and glad to have you as un amigo íntimo. Hey, get your ass over here QUICKLY. Your opportunity is open widely for you. The rest? Our history shall repeats!!! Heeheee >.<

This is for you, Amie!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday's Ramble

This is crazy. I got up from bed at 1pm. This doesn't sound like me either. I slept dead for 13 hours. The whether has made my turn of mood goes mellow. I did practically nothing today but face the laptop screen browsing, surfing, checking articles, reading mails, enquirer some stuffs and watch 'The Game Plan' acted by Dwayne Johnson @ The Rock.

The movie is funny yet touching. It's more of a comedy, family and sport genre. One of the lead actress, Madison Pettis she's talented to land herself a role in this movie. Seriously, the movie is good. Nothing to lose watching it. It revolve Joe Kingman (the Rock) is a famous quarterback who, as a bachelor, likes to work hard and play hard. But his party-hearty lifestyle is upended when the 7-year-old daughter (Madison Pettis) he never knew he had shows up on his doorstep. Suddenly, all the ladies in his life, including his intense agent (Kyra Sedgwick), have to take a backseat to the little woman. That's a bit bout it. I attend mass at 5.30 right after that I went for a jog. Without realising I actually jog till Commonwealth West Ave. This is so not me! I am so tired, worn out. Had a cup of milo, pineapple tarts and potatoes chips for dinner. Aiya, got to go. My lamb just call. Meeting him to catch the match between Liverpool & Luton for FA cup. I bet my Dad is watching now and so is brother in Nz & Png. I miss home. Miss mum& dad. Worst still I miss wantanmee very much. *geramnya*. Anyways, I discover this...


South Park Fina


Friday, January 4, 2008

Shoe Sick

I think i must stay far away far from any malls or shopping centers. Which I reckon all the arcade or malls must prohibit me from entering. My fetish craves over heels are just so overwhelm. Believe me when I said that or is this a norm thing any girl would do? I had my x-ray done at one of the shopping malls in Jurong East. Of all the places why was the medical located INSIDE a shopping mall? It only takes about 10-15mins for x-ray scans. Balance of the time? Eye watching, strolling over at the shopping mall. Okay, this is it. When ever one gets a good bargain I mean really good how not to resist it? That's the issue I am talking about. How not to say 'NO' and so I own it.

That explains a lot.

Was feeling bored so out of my curiosity I took a jog from Clementi until Dover train station. Guess what I still survived. Not flatten yet. Good on me :D. I hope to continue this for a long time. I have no specific resolution and I don't need to make one ONLY when New Year arrives. I just hope things goes smoothly and work in places. I miss the food I use to whack like crazy. Tell me who can it be if it's not Wantanmee? I know I am totally insane. I missed home and acquittance. Didn't get to meet any of my clicks during Christmas. Guess everybody is busy with their love, and glamorous life kuaaaa. Or perhaps sometimes it's just time management. Never mind-la, there's always a second time and I am gong to make it big and come true this time. Don't give a damn ALREADY!! Haaahahha.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year 2008

It's a freaking, extremely boring NY. Guess I'll just wait for the very next happening event. CNY. Hoohooo!