Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July Updates!

I am officially back since M-I-A beribu-ribu abad. Work has been good but, so there's a BUT to pause which says in a long term move this practice will make my spirit die. Sometimes, i felt that i am married to my work already. There goes, and i figure what if at this age i should work super duper hard so I can retiree with a bang 15 years from now. By that time i could have enough time to cater my all to family, husband and kids! Talk about family planning, which is so not me. Fine, i am really tired with work but sometimes fun facing these tribulations in life. It's just that in long run, it's going to be so dead boring. I like meeting people. I observe, i learn i reckon the steps in life i could consult and give in the career and path that i have choose. I might not be perfectly right but I take chances. A change would do you good! This is society. This is life. Chances happens only once therefore grab every opportunity that seize. After a hard and long day work you just feel that in need for a good pampering mouthful of words. Perhaps a good bowl of wantanmee would do me good. Ohh please it's FINA. I am blessed. Truly gratefully with the people i have met along the line. Be it in work or in society circles, i look up; adored and can't be thankful enough knowing how blessed am I to have knowledge and shared experience from others knowing i am way far better. My family has reunite finally with the other missing sheep's from Nzealanders. Now, it's going to be tough when the sheep's returns back to Nz in 3 weeks time. Fcuk* I am looking forward for my vacation next week to Phuket! :D

fina is LEAVING for Phuket !!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Far away from all the shits!! Updates soon, *hopefully*