Thursday, September 27, 2007

It Ain't Safe No More.

Recently, we're sadden by the tragic that happened to eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who has been missing since Aug 22. And so, what feared the worst when they found a body in a bag in Petaling Jaya Utama which was suspected it was Nurin. But then his Dad, was certain that it was not his daughter, judging from the face, skin colour and body. But then after DNA was carried out it was confirm that the body was Nurin. What on earth could a beast do such to placed a cucumber and a brinjal in the girl’s private parts. This is such a deliberate and cruel crime when we look at the circumstances of the case. Honestly, I don't feel safe living in Malaysia anymore when crime rate increase drastically when all we want is to have a peaceful life. As technology are getting more and more advance humans are moving a step higher but what on earth would such morons be thinking in their mind? It's not like how we use to live many years ago. I believe I would fear for the same if my kid are let loose out there even for mere 5minutes. No point when we are a country where by we are ruled out from all nature disaster and they can say 'Malaysia' is a safe country to live. Well, correct me 'No more' laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The crime rate has been increasing like hot cakes and we still consider Malaysia a safe country? How long do we need to live in fear. It's like a Crime Scene Investigation chronology. When there's a rape case the following headlines for the next month will be rape cases going everywhere. And then, when kids are kidnapped it goes on and on and on. So, the generation of 'WE' are we still considering investing our hard work here? Come la..pack our bags. It's not worth the risk. Even our government very relax one..when something occur ONLY then they will start to take action that is also I call it N-A-T-O which means 'No Action Talk Only'. You just wait and see for yourself! Sometimes, it's really frustrating. Seriously.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Had a Very Bad Day

I really had an awful day. On a MONDAY! Gowd, spare me help........(not helping). Feel hopeless.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Got Pie

I made Sherperd Pie the other day. The outcome? Success! It takes patience, handwork and patience again the obvious part to smash the potatoes. I've also learn a new way to sizzle it up a little bit. Add CHEESE! Though I don't eat cheese but just to brighten up the surface.

up close of my pie. See the cheese oozing out..

Jackson so cutee..e with the kesian face.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007



There this poor girl who keeps on being fooled by her own bf with his lies, how I pity and feel sorry for her, too bad now she's obsessed with some other girl thinking that she want to steal that guy from her, what a pathetic story. Ahemm...very PATHETIC. Not shy. Can have the guts to call people bitch some more. That is why, what his bf does at her back she wouldn't know because he keeps thinking she has a very honest and undoubtful guy. I can't even cared enough but superbly pissed. I AM INNOCENT la, kid! And my bf is not a replacement you, moron. I've never liked your bf and I've never regret NOT to associate with your bf cause I've found out he's never been honest and most of the time telling me lies throughout this friendship we have for 9 years. Well, the truth is that we used to be close but then I guess this is what happens la, when people doesn't know how to value friendship they have build for centuries. It's like when they have gf they forgot bout roots and their responsibility. Hey, kid! Grow up will you. And stop living your awful dream. Wake up!! Your dream ain't sweet either. Think twice before you act. It's a waste of my time to ramble bout this., these days...

Or do I have to beg you ahh?
Dream on. Anyway this is crap la,












with his


And dude if your still happy lying to me go on la. Know what? You've just ruin our friendship! THANK YOU! Damn, I am still pissed!

Hey, dude your nose is getting big
I noticed it be growing when I be telling them fibs
Now, I tell you my trust's getting weaker
Probably cause your lies just started getting deeper
And the reason for my confession is that I learned my l
And I really think you ought to know the truth
Because you lied and you cheated and you lied a little more
But after you did it I don't know what you did it for
In the book of lies you was the editor and the author.

On the lighter note, I love this game but I get sick when ever I lose. Ok, fine most of the time I 'kalah'. I will return one day and bit you off..

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fine Cuts.

Bakerzin serves the most scrumptious piece of fine cakes I've ever tried. Well compared to Secret Recipe I think it's something brand new. It's simply taste so good and the cakes are pricey yet products made are very own and unique thus overwhelm by the texture and illustration are so tempting. Now, why does one can't help but to fall for it? Trust me. It's really..really..really DELICIOUS. They even got a 'Promise' of their own to offer customers simply because..


Cool isn't it. Well not many places in Malaysia has an outlet for it there's only 5 up to date. The recent one that adds on to their franchise is in QueensBay, Penang. Honestly I wouldn't how many of 'us' out there would actually pay he price of average $8 plus and above for a slice of cake. Again, I said a slice of cake! 8 bucks is more than a meal one could fork out for but for this it's only a slice of cake. Sometimes in life, I picture it this way. We live to eat and die for it. I mean 'I' personally. Either way, if we didn't eat we still die, we eat we will die too one day so might as well eat it laaar. Furthermore, money can be earn right? It's not like having a $8bucks slice of cake everyday! That would pretty much chokes up.

Paying the price for a good quality when it comes to food is not a matter what matters most are quality rather than quantity. The selections of cakes at Bakerzin are not much to offer but their cakes are really nice. The cakes cames in 3 different categories. They have the all-time favourites, nuts about chocolate!, a celebration of cheese. Tell me how to not go crazy. I can go mad for the love of shoes what more cakes?

This is Fraisier.

Almond sponge soaked in strawberry liquor, layered with pistachio butter cream and fresh whole strawberries.
Which means, 'tak halal' liquor wooooor.

I love mango. Anything got to do with mango is what it takes to lure me up :). Even MNG Mango? Haaha. My personal fovourite the Mango Mousse!

Mango Mousse

Fresh mango mousse with light finger sponge. Topped with mixed fruits.

But this one surely gets my attention!


A combination of white & dark chocolate mousse with crunchy caramel almond at the base of the cake.

Now, I really got desire

Friday, September 14, 2007

In My Shoes

I've never believe in online purchasing. Never. Never ever. Well, first of all possibility at high risk of being cheat. Second, what if it was only a scam where goods never arrived but money runs dry. But I can't keep my eyes out of this. This..eye catching thing that makes me go so crazy. Thanks to you, Mcleod. You see, I am one freaking shoe face, which means I adore them like crazy, as if they were some irresistible edible stuff. But what on earth would some one smart enough to have such incredible idea to design such a foot wear. Seriously, it looks to kill, makes my heart skip a beat.

As if the designs are really cool, what more the calour are so vibrant yet resonant. The moment I saw this. There's just something inside of me that says 'Fina, you got to have this by hook or by crook'. Why, it's simply so adorable. Okay, I might be way to old' for such nuisance but how to resist such footwear. Tell me 'bout it, ain't this adorable?
They even have a name for all the foot wears.


Tell me how to say NO!!!! So eye-catching 0.O

Angel Caluroso [hearty angel]. Priced at $19.90


This is so cute. Cute isn't it?

Vaca [cow] . $19.90


Colourful and attractive to be worn.

Granja [animal farm]. $18.90

Believe it, I think when you finally own one you will fall head over heels. Why do I say so. You got to see and try it for yourself!

Really spoil for choice. If only, and if only I could get all three pairs, okay maybe not three but two. But, but okay, anything is better than none. I wish I could make my ultimate choice. It's tough. It's brainstorming to make the satisfying choice. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Beli pun susah, tak beli pun susah!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Transform and Don't Roll Out!

I am back. Yes, busy, busy, busy. Tired. tired, tired. Want to fall flat. Been away pretty much for many occasions and events thats very much omissions too. I feel lost now that I am back. Just like a pill. No sure what needs to be done. I mean I know what needs to be done just so very the lazy and very the not motivated to move my ass and back my hands up. I have few pictures to share. Nothing in particular just random shots and my 50 grand I believe FAILED already laaa. I hardly have time and maybe some other time. Right now, my 3 friends are place lifelessly in the room. It's a pity that I took the trouble to bring them to Sgp and the Singa's were looking like WTF this girl doing with the cut-outs so 'kacau' make no space in the train. And that's it. Will have more stories in line.

Chao, Bella..

The moment I saw it, my jaw drop-dead. Trust me, It's like more than heaven

Nice, beautiful waterfall scene in Suntec City

LOOK, carefully bras are on the road!

Thank you, for the flower. You're indeed full with surprises!!

Met and make new friends along the way

Witness a very lively tribe show

The expression you have when Liverpool scored 6 to nil against Derby.
(in this case not the author who wrote this)

My zodiac.

If you haven't seen what a dam look like, this is it. Damn, I feel so stupid


Eve National Day, Bayview

Mum and Dad. Didn't know Dad was that cheeky.


It snowed.


The end