Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lonesome Weekend

Weekend was just fine. Nothing much. Just feeling weird cause it's just too quiet and it's so not me. As a matter of fact I enjoyed my movie with my Darlings on Friday night. We watch Night at the Museum 2. I still figure that the 1st one was way better in sequence.

I went back to office just to work on Saturday. I guess I need to kill time or else it's just too quiet being alone at the four corners. Went for a jog at my office premises. Met Kelly for dinner. We had a good catch up at Breeks Cafe. We had Cajun Blackened Fish and I felt so down that I ordered an ice cream to make myself happy.

Choco Tello

Cajun Blackened Fish

Also, I manage to purchase the tickets for Liverpool Asian tour. Darling, I bet you must be damn happy. You OWE me big time. I've never seen such long and huge group for queuing this far.

This is Crazy!

Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..I've got 5 tickets!

Oh, well it's been 6 days but it felt like such a long period. I've got more weeks to come for me to endure this period of time. It's a climb. I just got to let it out~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terrific Thursday~

Just as I type this, I am thinking of home. Ahh..'Homesick' again. I'm going back home next week. Heehe. Can't wait though. Glad to know Andrew arrived at Calgary about an hour ago which is 11.30pm our local time after 36 hours of journey. Haaah..I bet his bum-bum must have explode after such a long ride. Just spoken to him on the phone. Looks like he's enjoying himself well.

I did yet another 5KM click today. YEA!! Hope I'm well prepared for the upcoming Marathon in June, July and August and many more to come..*Updates from time to time*

Mizuno Mount Faber Run 2009 Women 10KM

Shape Run 09 Women 10KM Challenge

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 10KM Competitive


Weekend is around the corner. Friday is coming soon. Oh well, The KOPS are coming to Asia and Singapore has been selected to be the privilege country to have a match apart from Thailand. Going to get the tickets on Friday ASAP! Can't wait! The tickets are bit pricey each cost either $ 88 or opt for $188 for the Grand Stand Seat. Once in a life time so can't bargain or give a damn on this. I only want to go to Anfield for my Honeymoon in mere future. Time to bed, my hair has dried finally.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wipe Wednesday!

Today I feel so lonely. Don't know why it came upon a midnight clear on me suddenly. Weird. I stayed up to 9.40pm for work. Earlier than what I expected before. Nothing much happen. I complete yet another 5KM on my own! What a record. It certainly feels good. This is life isn't it? I feel so routinely. Recruit, Running, Eat, and Sleep. Recruit, Running, Eat, and Sleep. There's got to be more to life isn't it? Ohh..Crap~!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kill Tuesday :Þ

Tuesday, Officially begins my lone-ranger days! Waahaha. Nope, not that I am not strong. I am pretty cool about it. He will be back in June and time will fly pretty fast. I am kind of caught up with work lately. Can it be my Client is too demanding or just that I am over work.

I could not believe I spend 14 hours at work today and I left the office at 10.30pm. Anyways work has always been my priority because I believe there's a 'sense' of perfectionist in me. Haaha. Talk about Perfectionist versus Professionalism. Double the dose.

On the happier note I did my running today completed 5km from Raffles to Flyer with Jes. That's good! Yup! Yup! I've been running for weeks and months and am looking forward for all the up coming Marathon for year 2009!

My 'Sifu'

I've never been this creative in life. Heck! Life is short, live life cool and live it full. I have so many challenges this year apart from my passion for activities that I've love I also have to dealt with my parents decision to move over to Nz for good. So tell me where do I stand. I only have like 4 more months neck to neck with Mum and Dad. It's really a tough and mind breaking I tell ya!
Honestly, this is scary and I do not know how to response? God how-la?

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am addicted to running recently. I've been running for the past months but not as frequent as recent weeks. Been running like every single weekdays and now WEEKENDS too! this good or bad? At the same time, been training taking dumb bells to train both my abs and shoulders :) I seriously think i need a good pair of running shoes. Am contemplating between Nike, Adidas and Puma. Oh, well would definitely go for the light weight ones. I have been seeing a lot of things at every different angle and have come across lots of trouble minded too. Thank goodness times like this one always have a close friend you can count on and I'm glad I shared my troubles with you, Hammy. Keeke..

On the lighter side this month I would be more engaged to running passing my time. Catch up with my High School mates oh..I totally blew the last one of, I forgotten! Am sorry bout it Girls!! I've never knew that I had so much potential to grow in me. I can proudly say "I'm indeed all grown, BIG GIRL now" It feels good to be an example and admired sometimes won't we ;) Have a good weekend everyone where ever you may be! My love goes out to you and YOU!