Sunday, January 4, 2009

How 2008 End

2008 has thus been the best part of my life. It happens with the highlight of family, love, life, and not forgetting the best part of money making career~! So many things happen in year 08. I can't deny that I am a far better person today compared to years back then. When I completed my degree I was so hunger for work that I immediately jump to any chances for job openings and mind you that was in the state of Pearl of Orient. It didn't come good to my Dad's liking when I suggested that I wanted to venture to the land of Kiasu-ness. More to that what I wanted was firstly, earning in SGD compared to Ringgit Malaysia. You do the math and tell me which is better ;) On the point of career I wanted something that can make me gain while learn work the hard and tough way and be versatile both work and life. Not to forget working in Singapore which also means One step closer to my Dearest Andrew la~Well, this relationship started way when I was still in my final year in uni so can figure how much endurance and salt I've tasted for the distance I've succumb. And then, eventually things get started and the relationship with my parents was even thus better and we've been so close ever since then.

The truth is that in life and work there's so much ups and downs and I've experienced both the bitter sweet symphony. My job pays me good I must say but the catch is if Sales is way better far. And if you have to ask me, am I happy this far? I must tell you, NO! I am not satisfied with what I have not achieved. But on the separate note, I must say that being able to be listed in 'numero tres' for Singapore Top Sales and fourth place regional in one of the particular month has been my happiest moment of my life. Surely feels good to get such achievement. I measure this as it's only been a year in recruitment line oh, well just me with no experience what so ever~Well, I've pulled it thought!

I made friends and colleagues that stay close to my heart and we've grown closer and the companionship amongst us are just wonderful.

On the lighter note, remember how I always crave and have fetish on food especially wantanmee?

There was 1 day in the year of 2008 I manage to have all for meals of wantanmee all pack up. You tell me Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper full filled with WanTanMee. How's that for a record? Haaha.

In July my my brother flew back from Auckland with wife and my cute niece, Charlotte.

As many of you might have known how close I'm knitted with her. Yes, she's adorable all grown up little girl who likes her life in Nz. I have traveled to Phuket, sat on a cruise with the complete family. Been to Krabi and done diving with Andrew, in fact we've travel places together most of the time this is majesty fine.

In December, my best guy friend more to my God brother come back from states!

And eventually I did have a lovely Christmas with Family and friends. I spend RM380.00 on my stupid hair which I grew to love it now because it fucking looks so healthy and fluffy ;)

Also, I got Mum her

Bleecker Gold Bag from Coach.

And as for me my very own
Coach Legacy,

Coach Gallery Signature

and Gucci New Britt
and Gucci French Flap!

And so enough with the buying. I think I am so done and it's I'll have more to be saving for my big day which is not so soon but still have to plan and save somehow as I see spending it Big and Grit!

I wish each and every one may your NY resolution comes in handy. As for me, I only wish for more growth in Work, may love, health and wealth be amongst us all. Longevity and prosperity be with you all. PEACE BE WITH YOU!!