Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chanting Through The Snow~

The exact 2 months that I've been neglecting this blog of mine. I admit that work has taken not partially but most out of 24/7 that I've own. And I must say it's a privilege to be back again. Only that this time around I shall leave endless work load topic way back. It's been STRESSFUL after all. All I can say begging that rosy and a bright light may arise in 2009! That's what I am wishing. But anyways, been watching lots of movies lately in cinema. Been keeping myself occupied with colleagues, friends and classmates outing recently as well. Just recent I've meet up with my high school mates.

Mei, YY, Me and Mich!

It's good to meet up with the girls as we keep in touch and updates on work/life/work/life and current activities. Moving on I want to put my stress away as I would want to spend year 2008 Christmas with a unforgettable and memorable one. It's so different being able to be on Company's Christmas Party on Christmas Eve and able to spending traditional Christmas in Malacca! What more can I ask for =]

This year, Fina decides to present Mummy with a very unique gift. Her very own .................

Coach Bleecker Gold.

It's kind of unique which we decide will comes very handy for her to use. We will have pot luck at Andrew's place for Christmas Lunch this year. Mummy's going to serve her steam fish while I will personally contribute 2 dishes. As usual, this year Christmas without Charlotte and my brother and sis in law who is celebrating in Auckland. Yea, miss them lots. Time flies so quickly that we are entering year 2009. Thus, would like to wish everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!