Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What I've discovered*

Remember I'd share bout pumps. It's a nice place to hang out! And also to share their menu and drinks are overwhelm* Very catchy names on it tho.

Menu over at pumps*

My company so generous, kasi moon cake to clients...and it's not cheap okay. Over here the moon cakes are excessively overrated and expensive don't know la why.

Specially design with the company logo!

Andrew got a new toy as well. It's a bitch by the name of Mandy. And it's a Pitt-bull species.

She so cute. I heart her!

Okay la, want to sleep now. It was a horrible day with a horrible freaking client that mess up everything! And I wish to say 'I HATE HER so AND SHE'LL NOT HAVE GOOD BUSINESS IN FUTURE'. Thank you, Amen+