Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Starting to pissed!

I am so pissed! So annoyed when things that I've done not for my beneficial but for others mislead and I've got told of. In any circumstances, no matter what will happen the female is always on the softer side would still

1. Love
2. Care
3. Know his needs

but when your busy with your work, who cares for me then?


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crab Feasting!

Never in my life, I had the mouthful of crab that I shall not eat for at least the next 6 month! Had a lovely crab feast with my colleagues and Manager as well. There were 8 of us and 3 males which includes Andrew. Aiya..the guys 'lauya' la. Non seafood eaters. We stuff ourselves with lots of food.

Mellben Seafood


Bamboo clams!

Fantastic Crab

I had Sri Lankan Crab and it was so juicy. Big chunks of crab claws. I saw heaven! :) .

The Signature Dish!

The suffer part was the bill come up to $500++. It's alright la not always. Well such event only happens once in the blue moon. Anyway it's a nice outing though with colleagues. Work as usual busy with lots of job events going on. Went to IMM this past few days as BF wants to get a printer. In the end we settle for a Canon Pixma MP145 which was affordable today. Had dinner at Pepper Lunch
with Andrew. He recommended that this affordable DIY fast food steakhouse originated from Japan which serves their meal in iron pan. The portion is alright and to be honest I find the combinations are quite healthy in term of the dishes and main meals like salmon fish. Also, I got my self a pair of Amber boot cut pants and working skirt from G2000. The sales are on going and it's a good bargain. I am tires. Death sleepy. Ta!ta!