Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lonesome Weekend

Weekend was just fine. Nothing much. Just feeling weird cause it's just too quiet and it's so not me. As a matter of fact I enjoyed my movie with my Darlings on Friday night. We watch Night at the Museum 2. I still figure that the 1st one was way better in sequence.

I went back to office just to work on Saturday. I guess I need to kill time or else it's just too quiet being alone at the four corners. Went for a jog at my office premises. Met Kelly for dinner. We had a good catch up at Breeks Cafe. We had Cajun Blackened Fish and I felt so down that I ordered an ice cream to make myself happy.

Choco Tello

Cajun Blackened Fish

Also, I manage to purchase the tickets for Liverpool Asian tour. Darling, I bet you must be damn happy. You OWE me big time. I've never seen such long and huge group for queuing this far.

This is Crazy!

Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..I've got 5 tickets!

Oh, well it's been 6 days but it felt like such a long period. I've got more weeks to come for me to endure this period of time. It's a climb. I just got to let it out~

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