Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am addicted to running recently. I've been running for the past months but not as frequent as recent weeks. Been running like every single weekdays and now WEEKENDS too! this good or bad? At the same time, been training taking dumb bells to train both my abs and shoulders :) I seriously think i need a good pair of running shoes. Am contemplating between Nike, Adidas and Puma. Oh, well would definitely go for the light weight ones. I have been seeing a lot of things at every different angle and have come across lots of trouble minded too. Thank goodness times like this one always have a close friend you can count on and I'm glad I shared my troubles with you, Hammy. Keeke..

On the lighter side this month I would be more engaged to running passing my time. Catch up with my High School mates oh..I totally blew the last one of, I forgotten! Am sorry bout it Girls!! I've never knew that I had so much potential to grow in me. I can proudly say "I'm indeed all grown, BIG GIRL now" It feels good to be an example and admired sometimes won't we ;) Have a good weekend everyone where ever you may be! My love goes out to you and YOU!

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