Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kill Tuesday :Þ

Tuesday, Officially begins my lone-ranger days! Waahaha. Nope, not that I am not strong. I am pretty cool about it. He will be back in June and time will fly pretty fast. I am kind of caught up with work lately. Can it be my Client is too demanding or just that I am over work.

I could not believe I spend 14 hours at work today and I left the office at 10.30pm. Anyways work has always been my priority because I believe there's a 'sense' of perfectionist in me. Haaha. Talk about Perfectionist versus Professionalism. Double the dose.

On the happier note I did my running today completed 5km from Raffles to Flyer with Jes. That's good! Yup! Yup! I've been running for weeks and months and am looking forward for all the up coming Marathon for year 2009!

My 'Sifu'

I've never been this creative in life. Heck! Life is short, live life cool and live it full. I have so many challenges this year apart from my passion for activities that I've love I also have to dealt with my parents decision to move over to Nz for good. So tell me where do I stand. I only have like 4 more months neck to neck with Mum and Dad. It's really a tough and mind breaking I tell ya!
Honestly, this is scary and I do not know how to response? God how-la?

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