Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spaghetti For An-De-Lu!

Enough said, I wanted to cooked for a very long time. Since I still had the balance ingredient dinner he made me last Thurs, I decided it's time Fina makes full use of her skills to turn into a non effortless handmade dinner for him. 'Prawn Spaghetti'. The only seafood that he takes, Prawn. And so I made a decent dinner for him today. As much as I tasted, it I felt it's alright for me. Well, if you want to know more, free to ask the Man himself!

The ingredients:

onions chopped fine,

mushroom pork balls,

angel line spaghetti,

fresh prawns,


Big chunky prawns

not enough, let me show you the 'Prawn' up close..hahaa

I used margarine instead of cooking oil ( super conscious ) , lots of effort, and finally a hungry stomach to fill it in. And so, this was the final result.

This is mine,

That is yours :)

you've got so many prawns..

What's your verdict Dear? I hope you enjoy..

'Fina's Special Prawn Spaghetti'

Okies, chef is tired now. Yahoo!! Liverpool won again ;) Goodnitez..

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