Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday with Andrew

It's Sunday. And so, how do I spend this precious off day? With Dearest Andrew! Nice and sweet. Not always we can see each other and spend quality time as work is the barrier between us. Got up pretty early this morning. We attended mass and heed down to Joo Chiat Road for lunch. Initially, it was supposed to be some adventure searching for Hajah Maimunah's Nasi Padang. After much talk and anticipation I decided it's time we should try something different hence we should go with it. But disappointed as it is the restaurant was close since Raya. In the end we end up at Wheelock Place, Orchard. It's been twice in a row since I was at Orchard as well yesterday. We settle for something which apparently I think it's health; Cedele.

Very well said, '
Eat well, be well'. Andrew had chicken mayo sandwich while I had cloud 9.

Mango Sorbet

I swear, this is the best sorbet I've ever ever tried! Really ;] I didn't really enjoy my drink because it taste shit! I has Green Tea Mocha while he had Chocolate Addiction.

My shit drink, Green Tea Mocha!

After that we stroll around suggesting and thinking what we're going to get our parents for Christmas so need some look see, look see survey. We settle for a movie. It was a tough one choosing between MBFG and House Bunny.


The movie was just so-so. Didn't really make a big impact either. It was like those normal kind of girl/boy relationship. We end the day with dinner at Express Teppan-Yaki over at Food Republic. It was pretty interesting the way they prepare the food.

Some vege..

Bean sprouts...

Main course

Thank you, Dear!

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